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Monday, October 14, 2013

Too or To Just Shut it!!!

Well getting made fun of about anything is not fun. And sometimes it is not directly at you but you know it was about you, I feel that is the worst. I am glad we have police out there to watch our streets and save people from murders but has bad grammar ever killed anyone?!?! I know a lot of people think they are doing the encyclopedia a big hand by running around and correcting people's grammar! IF I DONT ASK FOR YOUR HELP THAT MEANS I MEANT TOO SPELL IT THAT WAY, I WANT TOO BE DIFFERENT!!!

Anyway... I did those too'a up there on purpose... Or did I? Well the world will only know when I come out with my own dictionary that is called, IF YOU CAN STILL MAKE OUT THE SENTENCE THEN LEAVE THE WORDS ALONE!!! It's like a puzzle you see and if you figure it out then you get a smile from the person, who you may have hurt their feelings otherwise. 

Have a wonderful night, and look out for the new dictionary ;) 

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  1. Some people live to correct others. It never makes many friends! Love you sis! -Ara